Wide-leg pants come with a sense of elegance
which can well neutralize the bulky feeling of a short coat
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but you should pay attention when choosing a match. If you wear wide-leg pants, you should choose a more slim coat version for the upper body.

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It will not appear to be too loose up and down.
Wide-leg pants with a slim short coat can make the whole look more handsome and have a feeling of walking with wind.
A short coat can also be worn ladylike and elegant

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as long as the lower body is matched with a skirt. Short coats are mostly neutral versions. The feminine and feminine skirts can balance its mid-sexiness and make the whole look a little cool and sweet. Colored jacket with black bottoming shirt

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because it is more versatile
The color of the floral jacket itself is more public, so you must choose a solid color for the inner wear. You can match it with a black base shirt, and the effect will be thinner.
Color coat with white T-shirt. When we need to wear a white T-shirt, we usually choose a white T-shirt
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